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7 Ways to Improve SEO on Your WordPress Site


Odds are that at the present time, you’re understanding this while endeavoring to improve SEO on your WordPress site. Am I right?

Is it true that you are searching for alternate approaches to improve your WordPress SEO outside of Yoast?

I’m not a mystic. I’ve recently been in a similar circumstance previously.

I’d say it’s a very decent bet that there are huge loads of us WordPress clients out there attempting to tidy up our page speed or pick a SEO-accommodating topic.

That is to say, WordPress is utilized by 64% of all sites whose CMS is known. That is 40.6% of all sites.

On the off chance that you flip a coin, you have a 40.6% possibility of a site being based on WordPress. That is a great deal.

Possibly that is the reason sites like TechCrunch, Star Wars blog, Beyonce 👑,, Playstation, Facebook’s Newsroom, eBay, and so forth use it.

Indeed, even Search Engine Journal is based on WordPress. What’s more, we get more than 2 million natural guests each month.

In any case, with regards to improving SEO endeavors on WordPress, I’m regularly left scouring sites for a couple of clues and tips that all middle around the Yoast module.

All in all, shouldn’t something be said about the entirety of different components that Yoast doesn’t control?

After 11+ long stretches of dealing with WordPress destinations, I’ve assembled these noteworthy hints to help other WordPress site proprietors improve their SEO procedure. versus – Which Is Better? is the reasonable champ with regards to picking between versus gives the capacity to completely alter your subjects, gadgets, and modules. It is open-source, self-facilitated, and ideal for improving SEO. It’s a similar stage utilized for the sites referenced previously. has restricted capacity, no FTP access, and isn’t ideal for SEO.

  1. Pick a WordPress Theme Best for SEO

We should be genuine. At the point when you’re picking your WordPress topic, SEO is as a rule at the base.

I get it – the visual plans and associations are considerably more energizing to consider when planning your site.

In any case, while picking a SEO-accommodating subject for WordPress might be barely noticeable, having a SEO-accommodating topic is fundamental for the accomplishment of your site.

With regards to picking a WordPress topic best for SEO, these are my top choices.

  1. Decide Your Preferred Domain

While picking your favored space, you’re picking between two things:

www versus non-www

How about we put this record on the right track — there is no SEO advantage to having www or non-www when setting your favored space.

I don’t utilize www on my own site (

Previously, www came standard while making your site.

In case you’re a bigger organization with a ton of site traffic, you might need to decide on the www adaptation of your favored space. With a www rendition, you can have a CNAME record to help divert traffic for failovers.

  1. Change Your Permalink in WordPress

Pop test! Which of the two URLs beneath is more clear?

The principal choice is a more meaningful and the favored authoritative URL. These are the kinds of URLs that guests need to see.

Additionally, keeping a clean and SEO-accommodating URL construction may somewhat affect your substance.

Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter, “The SEO impact of watchwords in the URL is insignificant once the substance is recorded.”

While you may see a small effect, it’s awesome to the client experience.

To change your default permalink settings in WordPress, go to Settings > Permalinks.

At that point, select Post Name as the alternative. Post Name regularly works for most destinations.

Notwithstanding, you can carry out a custom construction relying upon your inclinations.

  1. Turn on Breadcrumbs

Website optimization beginners and aces the same realize that breadcrumbs are frequently pretty much as forgotten as printing those Mapquest headings back in the mid 2000s.

Comprehend that I’m not discussing the breadcrumbs you use on chicken parm. I’m discussing the kind of breadcrumbs you find at the highest point of a site or under the route bar.

On the off chance that you have the Yoast SEO module introduced, executing breadcrumbs should be possible in under 5 minutes.

Just go to Yoast SEO > Search Appearance > Breadcrumbs > Enabled.

  1. Choose to Enable or Disable Comments in WordPress

Do you empower or cripple remarks in WordPress? This is an intense choice and relies upon the present status of your WordPress site.

On the off chance that you’ve effectively got remarks on your site, Google’s John Mueller says eliminating remarks impacts rankings. You might need to keep them, contingent upon how nasty the remarks are.

In the event that you don’t have remarks empowered, you might like to keep it as such. Google’s Matt Cutts imparted that remarks to awful spelling and punctuation can influence rankings.

To put it plainly, it’s dependent upon you to choose whether your site vision is combined with remarks.

To empower or incapacitate remarks in WordPress, head over to Settings > Discussion.

  1. Pick SEO-Friendly Plugins

For those of you who get module cheerful and begin introducing many module, kindly stop.

This is nearly just about as terrible as watching individuals apply a lot of self-leather expert (nearly).

At the point when you begin over-burdening your WordPress site with modules, you carry all their stuff with them. Such a large number of modules can cause superfluous code swell, weighty markup, and non-semantic code that can cause a drop in page speed.

Along these lines, with regards to picking SEO-accommodating modules for WordPress, keep it straightforward.

  1. Square Pages Using Your Robots.txt File

With regards to messing with your robots.txt document, there is a line. What’s more, any SEO advertiser realizes that going too far feels like a 11-hour stumble on a tequila train – a chaotic situation.

I can’t reveal to you the number of customers have connected with me to run a specialized review on their site since it’s not positioning, yet the lone issue is a wrecked robots.txt record.


Keep Reading Below

The way to altering your robots.txt record is understanding the rudiments.

On the off chance that your robots.txt seems as though this and you need your site ordered via web indexes, quit all that you’re doing well presently to fix your robots.txt.

On the off chance that your robots.txt document appears as though this, nobody will discover you in the indexed lists.

There are a couple of pages that you’ll in all probability need to add to the forbid areas in your robots.txt record.

Here are the pages I’d suggest inspecting:



Administrator level pages (ex: login pages).

Much thanks to you pages.

Classes (except if you have one of a kind duplicate on every classification page).

Ace tip: Avoid utilizing robots.txt record to pick how Googlebot slithers your site, as indicated by Google’s Matt Cutts.

Improving Your WordPress SEO Just Got Easier

Its a well known fact that before, endeavoring to improve my SEO on WordPress was attempting every which way: inwardly, genuinely, and monetarily.

Since I’ve begun delving into WordPress myself and carrying out the changes, I can smell the triumph heating in my measurements.

I’ve utilized various stages before, from Shopify and Bigcommerce to Joomla, Drupal, Wix, and Squarespace, however WordPress has been quite possibly the most SEO-accommodating stages.

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