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Monster Hunter: 11 Reasons We Wish The Movie Were Real

Monster Hunter: 11 Reasons We Wish The Movie Were Real

The Monster Hunter is a 2020 monster film written, directed, and produced by Paul W. S. Anderson, based on the video game series of the same name by Capcom.

The Movie is Still Not Out Yet

Not everyone is satisfied with Anderson’s adaptation of Monster Hunter for the big screen. The rumors of a Monster Hunter movie are a rehash of rumors that followed Resident Evil. The fan favorite Resident Evil had a lot of fans irate for being a remake. Anderson’s adaptation of Monster Hunter also appears to have a lot of fans irate, including the director himself. Paul W.S. Anderson, director of this dreadful movie, recently spoke to The Sun, which would seem like a good idea to ask him about the project. One fan wrote on Twitter. “Seriously, ask Paul Anderson if he wishes he could do Monster Hunter without the monsters…” Another called out Anderson, commenting that Anderson should do a Resident Evil without zombies and Predators without Predators.

The Actors

Taking place in the fictional town of Gabranth, a crew of hunters called Hunters form and travel across the land to capture and fend off deadly monsters. Throughout their journeys they form friendships and romantic relationships with one another, as well as endure huge obstacles and drama along the way. The Plot In Gabranth, a young hunter, named Cora, is tasked with the ultimate quest of the hunter’s life—capturing the most ferocious beast known to all: the great Gourgeist. A task she was never meant to survive. In her quest, Cora is separated from the group, meeting various survivors in her struggle to stay alive. But while the friends she finds may be able to help, they too are plagued by a mysterious sickness, and are dying one by one.

The Story

Ryu the Slayer, comes across a strange, golden egg and is informed that it will be the center of a doomsday cult, which is intending to hatch the egg and release a monster known as ‘Apocalypse’. With the help of his brother and other hunters, the brother works to slay all of Apocalypse’s foes and bring an end to his tyranny.

The Monster Design

Notably, the movie’s monsters are the species for which Capcom has the copyright and claim, but that has yet to stop the film from being based on the game and doing other things to the source material. This is why your usual scenery will look more varied and vibrant compared to the in-game world. Stunts And Battles Monster Hunter has a combat system so complex, the player only really knows how to handle its attacks, it’s a good thing we have a video series called How To Beat Monsters by user SSPLM. As its creators say, the game will never teach the player enough about fighting monsters and the general way the game works to avoid frustration and, more importantly, learn the game.

The Monster Hunter World

The premiere trailer for the film was revealed by Capcom last year. Anderson announced that the movie would be released in 2020, which could be a long way away. We wish we had never seen the Monster Hunter movie poster because it has been steadily pissing us off over the past year or so. If you want to see some of the reasons we wish the movie were real, we have you covered. Let’s do this: 1. ‘Hunter’ Overused The most notable aspect of the film poster is probably the way it presents the monster hunter as “Hunter.” There are dozens of other terms that could have been used to describe the Hunter.


Monster Hunter: 11 Reasons We Wish The Movie Were Real. (1) Subaru is in a show called, The Originals. (2) Simon didn’t die! (3) The movie is set in Japan. (4) Old-school monsters are brought back to life by the power of the OG. (5) The players of the game are called Hunters, but… well… I guess that’s just what they are. (6) Everyone wears a mask for a reason, just like in real life. (7) Play Monster Hunter on the PS4 or PC and you’ll be able to practice your aim with cutlery. (8) As in real life, the monsters in the game have lifelike textures. (9) There are no real humans in the film, just a bunch of figments of our imagination. (10) Monster Hunter and the Capcom brand will get millions of extra dollars for the game from countless moviegoers.

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