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Jobs in Portugal
jobs in portugal

Jobs in Portugal: Finding the right employment in any country, especially your home country, can be tough. If you’re thinking about moving to Portugal or have already moved there, you may need to look for work. The types of jobs available to expats in Portugal vary widely and are dependent on a number of factors, including:

  • Skills
  • Experience
  • Qualifications
  • Sector you want to work in

This article will provide you with an overview of the jobs in Portugal for foreigners. It will also provide job-search advice.

How to Find Working jobs in Portugal as a Foreigner

You could be a student looking for a part-time job over the summer. A digital nomad looking for work from home. A permanent resident attempting to make a living in Portugal. In any event, when looking for work, it’s usually a good idea to start with research.

We recommend that you read this post for information on the job market in Portugal and the options available to foreigners. You should familiarize yourself with the work options in Portugal. You will be able to make better, more informed decisions about work prospects in the country as a result of this.

The Job Market in Portugal

Portuguese speakers face a different labor market than non-Portuguese speakers. Don’t let this deter you, though. Businesses are increasingly migrating to Portugal. Those that are looking for native English speakers are specifically looking for them. In general, there would be more positions accessible in professional services for Portuguese speakers. These may include the following:

  • Architects
  • Accountants
  • Managers of accounts
  • Health-care providers
  • Experts in sales and marketing
  • Engineers
  • Lawyers

Another aspect of the job market to be aware of is the rise of the IT profession. IT is a relatively new industry of business. However, there is one area of service that expats and English speakers have access to. In Lisbon, there are a lot of employment openings in the IT industry right now. So, if you’re in the IT or social media industries, you might have an easier time finding work.

Lisbon has developed into a start-up hotspot in the last five years. As a result, the number of foreigners employed in Portugal has increased. Being the host of the Web Summit has undoubtedly aided this momentum in the startup environment.

Apart from these regions, Portugal’s tourism and hospitality industries are booming. English speakers are in high demand in the tourism industry, particularly at restaurants, pubs, and hotels. Even if you only have a rudimentary understanding of Portuguese, you may greatly increase your chances here. Keep in mind, however, that these jobs may not pay as highly as professional hospitality jobs in other countries but Jobs in Portugal you can get high salary.

If you’re looking for a summer work, one of the many call centers in Lisbon is a good option. Learning English is the only requirement for employment in the industry in Portugal. Knowing a few additional European languages can help you in various situations.

The Most Common Foreigner Jobs in Portugal

Portugal’s economy is always expanding, which means that the job market is continuously looking for qualified experts from all over the world. Here’s a list of the most in-demand professionals, which shown jobs site like Expatica along with their average monthly salary:

ProfessionMonthly Average Salary
Doctor/ Health Professional$2400
Help Desk Technician$900
Hotel Manager$7400
Marketing Manager$2500
Product Manager$3575
Software Engineer$2000
UX Designer$2000
Web Developer$1400

Keep in mind that many companies are looking for workers who can communicate in many languages, such as German, French, or Spanish. Being able to speak and write in two or more languages is a plus in practically every professional field in Portugal.

Job Opportunities for English Speakers in Portugal

Many expats who relocate to Portugal speak only English. If you look for work in Portugal, you’ll find that IT and technology organizations have plenty of openings for English speakers. An solid command of the English language, as well as excellent writing and verbal skills, is frequently required. If you take a coding class, your chances of landing a job will rise tenfold.

Another option is to hunt for English-based positions at international companies with offices in Portugal. Getting a job with an international firm in Portugal is typically the best way to get started.

Some coworking spaces in Lisbon could be a great place to meet people and network. Good examples include Second Home Lisboa, Startup Lisboa, and Heden. You can even strike up a conversation with an entrepreneur in the coffee shop and land a position with their company.

The majority of English-speaking jobs are seasonal in nature.

During the summer, it is, predictably, simpler to find English-speaking work in Portugal. Many hostels, hotels, surf camps, and restaurants in the Algarve, for example, are looking for summer personnel. Those who have a good command of the English language in particular.

It goes without saying that finding English-speaking jobs in Portugal is easier during the summer break. In the Algarve, for example, many hostels, hotels, surf camps, and restaurants will be actively looking for summer employees. Those who have a good command of the English language in particular.

Teaching Language in Portugal

The Portuguese job market has a large number of teaching positions available for foreigners. English-speaking jobs can be found in educational institutions all around Portugal. This could be teaching English in a private setting or in a classroom setting. Depending on your expertise, you might be able to apply for some administrative positions. However, Portuguese may be required for them.

The following are some of the institutions where English teaching jobs are most likely to be found:

  • British Council
  • Oxford School
  • Wall Street English
  • Royal School of Languages

Minimum Wages and Working Conditions in Portugal

In Portugal, a full-time employment entails working roughly 40 hours per week. The majority of full-time employment demand individuals to work an average of eight hours every day.

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Portugal’s minimum salary is lower than that of most European countries, at €700 per year if paid in 12 installments, or €580 if paid in 14 installments. Typically, these wages are seen in the hospitality industry and contact centers. However, depending on where you work in the hospitality industry, tips may provide a significant increase to your earnings.

If you work for a start-up or in specialized services, your income can skyrocket.

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