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Cristiano Ronaldo Diet: The Secrets of His Success

Cristiano Ronaldo Diet: The Secrets of His Success

Cristiano Ronaldo is a world-class soccer player with a world-class diet to go with it. In his recent autobiography, Ronaldo revealed his eating habits, which include eating chicken, rice, and vegetables. He shares that he eats a lot of fruit and vegetables and, in the past, has eaten sushi. He also drinks a lot of water and juices. Here are some more secrets behind Ronaldo’s success.

Ronaldo’s diet

Ronaldo’s diet has been well documented and the secrets behind his recent success are quite amazing. He revealed in his recent book that he consumes between 3,000 to 4,000 calories every day.

He said that he follows a diet where he eats chicken,

rice, potatoes, and a lot of vegetables. He says that he drinks two liters of

water every day and a lot of water and juices.

In his book, Ronaldo says that he wakes up every morning at 7:30 am to start his breakfast. He begins his day with a fruit bowl, including bananas and grapes. He then eats a large bowl of chicken rice with a lot of vegetables before heading out to the training ground. At 10 am, Ronaldo has breakfast. He says that he eats a lot of watermelons, plums, watermelon, honeydew, oranges, and satsumas.

His secrets to success

While Ronaldo may be revered throughout the soccer world for his talent, many have wondered how he has risen to such heights. In his recent autobiography, Ronaldo sheds light on his secrets to success. He has a pretty crazy schedule and apparently follows a rather strict routine, which is why he is so successful. According to Goal, Ronaldo has very specific meals each day. Here are some of the most interesting things he revealed.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Role Model

It turns out that Cristiano Ronaldo had a very influential role model as a kid. The three-time FIFA Men’s Player of the Year revealed that his parents were not really into sports. Ronaldo’s grandmother and grandfather were the soccer role models in the family. His Grandmother Seemed To Inspire Him “My grandmother,” Ronaldo writes. “She told me if I wanted to be a footballer, I’d have to do lots of sprinting, jumping, and hard work. I loved all that. She was the one who pushed me to believe in myself.” Ronaldo Uses a Jump Knife Ronaldo has a special tool he uses to get into high positions in the air. His trainer calls it a jump knife and says he uses it “as much as possible.” The leap itself is “nearly a full foot high,” according to the trainer.

How He Loses Weight

A lot of Ronaldo’s weight loss secrets are plain old healthy food choices. His main goal is to eat healthy food and drink water to lose weight and maintain his current weight. “I try to eat as well as I can and get all the necessary nutrients. I usually eat a high-protein breakfast and pasta in the afternoon,” Ronaldo writes in his autobiography. His breakfast is always chicken and vegetables and his lunch includes chicken with pasta, turkey, chicken with potatoes and veges and also eggs. Dinner is usually chicken and pasta, along with some meat. His secret to losing weight is consistency and not getting too carried away with exercise. “You have to be 100% dedicated to your training, your diet, and your weight loss routine,” Ronaldo writes.


A well-balanced diet is something every person in this world should strive for. You should also make sure to eat healthy, wholesome food that’s good for you. This will give you more energy, boost your immune system, help you focus, and make your brain work better.

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