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Digital Marketing will emerge as the best career option post-Covid-19: 5 job roles in the Digital Marketing industry


Digital Marketing will emerge as the best career option post-Covid-19: 5 job roles in Digital Marketing industry
Covid-19 and the work-from-home lifestyle have taught us valuable lessons about the importance of digital media. With online opportunities on the rise, the number of active users has increased exponentially. Businesses have realized that in order to succeed, they need to establish their electronic presence.

India is one of the fastest-growing economies which is emerging every day. Everything you need is just a click away right from food, fashion, daily groceries, electronics to finding a home. This proves the potential of digital marketing and its impact on raising the standard of living.

The digital universe unlocks employment offers across various categories. All you have to do is work towards your goals, upgrade your digital marketing skills, and apply for the domain that suits you best. The main goal is to create eye-grabbing content so that your potential audience can keep coming back to you, and help in improving your brand’s credibility and revenue.

Below are the job roles for the digital marketing industry:

  1. Digital Marketing Executive
    A Digital Marketing Executive is responsible for managing blogs, e-books, marketing trends, reviewing the communication, and handling the digital space of the brands like website and social media accounts.

Their primary job is to perform the necessary research required by the content and design team, and assist the marketing manager in creating brand reports.

  1. Digital Marketing Manager
    The role of a Digital Marketing Manager is to convert the company name into a brand on the digital platform. Their work requires you to come up with strategies that can improve the brand’s awareness and make people remember your products.

A Digital Marketing Manager is expected to stay updated with trending technologies and implement them wherever possible in their current projects.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analyst
    The role of an SEO Analyst is to increase the ranking of the website in the search engine’s result pages and increase the traffic coming to the website. This job requires you to perform on-site and off-site analyses for clients in a timely manner.

Every SEO Analyst must have a fair knowledge of recommending keywords, Google algorithms, linking strategies to implement search marketing strategies.

  1. Social Media Marketer
    Social media marketing is a collaboration of social media and marketing on the World Wide Web. The job of a Social Media Marketer requires you to be familiar with social networking platforms and the type of audience.

They are expected to come up with strategies and campaigns for the company with different content ideas, media planning, and performance-based strategy building.

  1. Digital Marketing Writer
    A writer’s main responsibility is to create content and ensure it is compliant with the brand’s tone. One needs to know the target audience and mold the communication accordingly.

It should be something that should attract the audience at the first glimpse. This includes writing for social media, websites, e-mailers, mobile marketing, video scripts, radio jingles, etc.

As the world goes increasingly digital, so will marketing. There will be huge opportunities for digital professionals across businesses and industries.

So, climb up the ladder of success by stepping on these rings of opportunities.

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