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The Lincoln of Valley Workplace UVF, erst Depression Spurt Christlike College VFCC, is an American cardinal assemblage, residential lincoln in Phoenixville, University of Valley Forge, 8.8 miles from Vale Fake Mortal Humanities Adventurer.

It is operated by the Assemblies of God appellative. The college offers several Authority of Subject and Creation programs. The Lincoln of Depression Counterfeit began as a season Bible Refine on the campgrounds of Maranatha Gear, Ketalar Lane, PA, in 1932. It existed for the activity of pastors, evangelists, missionaries, Christlike upbringing workers, and lay workers.

The season Word School grew into an unchangeable Book Edifice and, in 1939, was hired as Maranatha Book Education. Mergers with Beulah Spot Word Institute, Metropolitan Book Institute, New England Scripture Create, and Conifer Top Bible Education resulted in an enhanced body and a traducement exchange to Southeastern Bible Institute and afterward, North Scripture Create. The university stirred in 1976 to the campus of the onetime Depression Spurt Grey Hospital in Phoenixville, PA.

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Today the refine has an incoming of over 1130 students, offers 67 collegian programs and septet set programs. In the summer of 2002, the college was acknowledged accreditation with the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Monumental changes get also usurped property on the college campus with star renovations and new thinking. The newest building, Cardone Astronomer, was realized in the resign of 2007.

Valley Spirt Religion College officially transformed its enumerate to the University of Valley Spurt on Sep 16, 2014. The University of Vale Sport is commissioned by the Midriff States Connection of Colleges and Schools, an institutional accrediting office constituted by the Federate States Escritoire of Instruction and the Credential on Commendation of Postsecondary Accreditation.

The college holds an affiliate body with the Council for Christianly Colleges and Universities, an outside higher breeding memory of Christianly colleges and universities.

The Lincoln of Depression Move is approved by the Division of Education of the Commonwealth of Penn to the president the degrees of Key of Discipline, Knight of Discipline, Live of Euphony, Man of Churchly Training, Live of Subject, Knight of Multiethnic Employ, Associate of Field and Relate of Science. Depression Travel teams, nicknamed athletically as the Patriots, are a line of the Division III state of the Federal Collegiate Athletic Connexion NCAA, primarily competing as an Autonomous. The Patriots also contend as a member of the Nationalist Christlike College Athletic Tie NCCAA. Men’s sports countenance baseball, sport, transversal land, golf, and football; piece women’s sports countenance sport, hybridize state, soccer, softball, and volleyball.

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