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Tom Hanks’ Best Movies: Top Ten Reviews of His Works

Tom Hanks' Best Movies Top Ten Reviews of His Works

Tom Hanks has been in some really great movies. And while he’s not in the league of Leonardo DiCaprio or Daniel Day-Lewis, he’s an actor who consistently delivers quality projects.

But what’s Hanks’ best movie? We’ve compiled a list of his most critically acclaimed work. Check it out and let us know if we missed any of your favorites.

Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump: Heartwarming Journey Through History And he was a famously tough client, famously difficult to work with.
An Insider’s View of Tom Hanks 10 Last Reviewers on Tom Hanks Many people believe that it is difficult to live up to Tom Hanks’s remarkable and diverse body of work, but many believe that such a proposition is absurd.

10 Ultimate Tom Hanks Performances Tom Hanks has also acted in many, many stage plays, in a theater known as the Washington Square Players, which he established with close friends Steven Spielberg, Woody Allen, George Lucas, Warren Beatty, and Francis Ford Coppola.

Tom Hanks Stated He was Trying to ‘Fill the Void’ Following the Death of His Dog His mother,

Beatrice, was a philologist, and he is the middle child of three.


The very first title on Tom Hanks’ résumé is his 1993 drama Philadelphia. He plays Andrew Beckett, a real-life lawyer who saves a man’s life on the New Jersey Turnpike. It’s the rare dramatic performance in which you feel Hanks has actually jumped off the screen.

You Were Never Really Here In 2017, Hanks directed and produced this film, which also stars Joaquin Phoenix and Lynne Ramsay.

Written and directed by one of our greatest living writers, you are compelled to see it. A Hologram for the King This 2014 film is set during the chaotic turmoil of the Vietnam War. Tom Hanks gives a stunning performance as a mentally disabled soldier with an uncanny ability to predict war. Saving Private Ryan This Academy Award-winning war drama is another of Tom Hanks’ favorites.

Toy Story

(1995) The little boy who felt sad because he couldn’t ride his bicycle—so he made one out of boxes—that world that Tom Hanks embodies in Toy Story—being a man who makes a dream come true for another little boy—is, above all, one of the most beautiful things ever told on film.

Saving Private Ryan (1998) Tom Hanks was already a great actor before playing Captain Henry Wilson in Steven Spielberg’s epic.

Wilson becomes the unlikely commander of a stricken Navy SEAL team that has to go after the one man who knows what kind of a monster the Nazis were.

The moment in the movie when Hanks stumbles through the very real scenes of PTSD, telling his men, “I have the solution to your problems, this is how you’ll win!”

is the point when the film works.

Cast Away

Tom Hanks goes on a trip to an island after his plane crashes, and he learns a great deal about himself during his time there. Saving Private Ryan Tom Hanks acts out the final assault in the Battle of Normandy.

You’ve Got Mail Tom Hanks plays a baker who’s obsessed with a woman who works in a New York City bookstore. Cast Away Tom Hanks has to dig a lifeboat from a cargo ship after his plane goes down in the Pacific Ocean.

Forrest Gump This movie follows the life of a man from childhood to the Great Depression and into the Vietnam War. Tom Hanks acted in all four of the Gump films. Apollo 13 Tom Hanks plays a man who must rescue his astronauts after a deadly explosion.

Toy Story Tom Hanks is the voice of Buzz Lightyear in a movie about toys coming to life.

Saving Private Ryan

Philadelphia Forrest Gump Cast Away Big Hanks has a knack for portraying a variety of characters, from the faithful American businessman to the clueless working class husband.

He recently starred in a film about the bizarre Ball Four scandal. And this summer, he appears in another sports-themed film, the WWII-era epic Dunkirk. Here are ten of Hanks’ best movies. Here are the ten best Tom Hanks movies. 1.

Philadelphia Starring: Tom Hanks, Annette Bening, Bradley Cooper, and Robert De Niro Year: 1993 Director: Todd Field Plot: Two different stories are interwoven as Andrew Beckett, a young black man living in the South, and Teddy Flood, a younger white man involved with drug dealing

and living in the projects in Philadelphia, are both committed to the same mental institution.


Big is Hanks’ personal favorite, because he says, “It’s the most real, the one where it’s authentic, it’s emotional and it’s hilarious. They really understood the characters.

I’d be asked to do a film and there would be two guys at the head of the table in the studio who I thought would be incredible, who would be the director and the writer, and I’d go into their office and they would have a picture of Tom Hanks on the wall.

And I would look at that picture and I thought ‘these guys don’t get it.'” Hanks won an Oscar for his role as David Sheff, a writer with a severely disabled son. Another He came close with another Oscars-nominated role in Forrest Gump. He played Andrew J. Hartnett, who takes an interest in Forrest’s intelligence, and trains him to test Olympic distance runners.

The Green Mile

He played John Coffey, an ex-prison guard convicted of murder, who is in a coma for 29 years. When he awakes, he learns that he is destined to be sacrificed on the 40th anniversary of his arrest, which is only 10 years away.

In the Da Vinci Code Henry V, written by director Ron Howard, features Hanks playing the famed king, in a flashback to the Battle of Agincourt. Philadelphia There was some debate about his role in this film about the bestseller The Philadelphia Story and its actress Katharine Hepburn, who could pass for Hepburn’s leading lady, Tracy Lord.

For his role as a man whose love for Hepburn is questioned by his friend played by Hugh Grant,

Hanks won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 2001.

Sleepless in Seattle

Space Jam Splash Annie Hall Bachelor Party Big A Perfect Storm Indecent Proposal All the President’s Men Apollo 13 Joe Versus the Volcano As Good as it Gets Joe Versus the Volcano Catch Me If You Can The Majestic Rocky Philadelphia Hachi: A Dog’s Tale A Perfect Murder Mrs. Doubtfire The Goodbye Girl Mr. Deeds Sleepless in Seattle Saving Private Ryan Cast Away The Green Mile

Cast Away The Bucket List The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 On Chesil Beach The Circle Fences

Last Flag Flying In the Heart of the Sea By the Sea The Hero Biloxi Blues Surf’s Up Saving Mr.

The Da Vinci Code

The entire first half of Dan Brown’s bestselling novel could have been cut, but the rest of it flows easily and it helps that the writing is strong enough to sustain the plot’s twists and turns.

Avatar As a young animator, James Cameron’s movies weren’t exactly groundbreaking, but he completely changed the cinematic landscape with this Avatar: a fascinating story that was shot in 3-D and used practical effects instead of computer-generated ones.

There Will Be Blood Though Daniel Day-Lewis is at his best in films that explore his past, he also proves himself to be

great at playing wildly unhinged characters like Daniel Plainview.

Cast Away

In the same year that he received his first Academy Award nomination for his role in Philadelphia, Hanks appeared as the title character in Cast Away, where he played a man who crash lands on an island after his plane crashes in the Pacific Ocean.

Hanks said of the character: “There are all these things in his head and he has to get them out…The sadness is very real.” Cast Away received two Oscar nominations for Best Actor and Best Original Song and is considered by many to be Hanks’ best film. Hanks portrayed a U.S.

Air Force pilot who is lost in the Pacific Ocean,

and he has said that the film was inspired by a sailor he knew while growing up.

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  1. […] Also, Read Tom Hanks’ Best Movies: Top Ten Reviews of His Works […]

  2. […] Also, Read Tom Hanks’ Best Movies: Top Ten Reviews of His Works […]

  3. […] Also, Read Tom Hanks’ Best Movies: Top Ten Reviews of His Works […]

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